MMIC Design Services


VIPER RF performs cost-effective custom GaAs & GaN MMIC designs optimized to your systems. We have successfully delivered many high performance chip designs which our clients have taken into production.

We have invested in proven intellectual property over a broad range of circuit functions to maximise project success for clients.

We have the flexibility to manage the foundry process and to provide engineering characterisation tests.

For examples of how our MMIC Design Service have been beneficial to our clients, please see some of our Case Studies.

MMIC die
MMIC layout

mmic design

Our highly experienced staff have designed 1-100GHz MMICs using methodology integrating RF, EM & thermal analysis to deliver innovative & rugged solutions.

semiconductor wafer foundry
load pull

advanced models

We have developed optimised models based on dedicated test structures and external subcontractors to improve on right-first-time designs. 

thermal modelling

thermal modelling

For amplifier designs, VIPER RF performs finite-element thermal modelling which have been calibrated with IR measurements.

rf packaging


VIPER RF has designed MMIC die into numerous package types including cost effective plastic QFN and hi-rel metal-ceramic.

MMIC MPW schedule

mpw runs

We manage multi-project wafer runs on a regular basis in order to deliver cost effective MMIC developments for our clients.

Rf Microwave module

Module Design Services


VIPER RF has successfully designed microwave & RF modules by working in close collaboration with our client's system engineers.

Our design experience extends into applications including mobile defence communications modules and high power amplifiers at S-, Ku- and Ka bands using GaAs, GaN & LDMOS technologies.

Please see example Case Studies for how clients have utilised our Module Design Service for their systems.

RF module design

module design

We have designed modules for numerous applications including aerospace, communications and defence & security.

microwave technology

technology selection

VIPER RF has expertise of a range of technologies including successfully utilising GaAs, GaN, LDMOS actives on laminate & ceramics substrates.

power conditioning

power conditioning

We have implemented DC power conditioning circuits for clients. Typical functions include high power pulsing, and bias control.

microwave module prototype

prototype manufacture

We have worked with a number of module manufacturing houses to successfully manufacture RF module prototypes.