Company Overview

VIPER RF is a microwave and millimetre-wave product company with headquarters in the United Kingdom.  The private company was established in 2008 and has evolved from its design consultancy roots to an established globally recognised MMIC supplier in recent years.

The company designs and supplies GaAs/GaAs/SiGe based MMICs for key applications from 1-150GHz as both standard and customised parts.  VIPER RF has supplied MMICs and packaged solutions into some of the most demanding Commercial, Defence and Space markets.  The company is also at the forefront of developments for new applications with emerging technologies.

The company has in-house capability to perform production test at wafer level and for packaged devices.  Prototype and production test capability is available up to 110GHz.  In-house assembly infrastructure allows for fast turn-around chip and wire module manufacture and package development. 

VIPER RF has a set of collaboration partners in order to provide the best solutions for our clients.  The company has formal third-party design partnerships with some of the world-leading semiconductor wafer manufacturers.  We work with packaging houses in the UK and off-shore to provide the best options in terms of cost and performance for volume requirements.  We have a set of RD partners to support the development of new products and sales reps in key location to support the insertion of parts into key applications


  • General purpose MMICs

  • Design and supply of customised MMICs

  • Applications in the 1-150GHz bands – Aerospace, defence and communications markets

  • Multi-technology – GaAs, GAN, SiGe

  • MMIC packaging and modules

 History Timeline

2010 - First GaAs MMIC hardare product sales (UK)

2011 - First GaAs MMIC hardware product sales (globally)

2013 - First Sales Representative agreements globally

2015 - First GaAs MMIC product above 100GHz developed (150GHz)

2017 - Purhase of state-of-the-art premises with Class-1000 clean room  in Newton Aycliffe UK

2018 - In-House automated package part test set-up commissioned

2019 - First overseas office opened

2008 - VIPER RF Ltd  is incorporated as a UK company

2008 - First RF consultancy role

2008 - First UK premises in Sunderland 

2009 - Recruitment of key personnel into Engineering team

2009 - Prototype Enginnering laboratory (up to 110GHz set-up)

2010 - Expansion of design office to accomodate growth in staff

2012 - Third-party design partnership with key wafer foundries announced

2014 - Expansion of design office accomodate growth in staff

2016 - First GaN MMIC hardware product sales globally

2018 - In-House automated production test set-up (on-wafer) commissioned

2019 - First GaAs MMIC products enter Space and we are the moon about it


Head Office:   Unit 22 Parsons Court, Welbury Way,  Aycliffe Industrial Estate, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 6ZE,

United Kingdom


Registered Office:   c/o PINSENT MASONS, 13 Queen's Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4YL, Scotland, United Kingdom


Registered Number: SC338855

Tel: +44 191 305 1167



Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO9001:2015


We value equality and diversity within our workplace as this is key to achieving a variety of ideas which helps our company succeed every time. Our workforce is very dynamic and cultural which also helps us be innovative and creative. 

Our Team

Dr Jim G E Mayock

CEO & Co-Founder

Mr David C Smith

Director of Business Development

Dr Simon S M Chan

COO & Co-Founder

Professor Wolfgang Bösch

Non-Executive Director


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