mmics from 1 to 150GHz

power amplifiers, LNAs, phase shifters, switches, mixers

              single-function, multi-function


State-of-art GaN and GaAs MMICs and SiGe designs are available for product sales, prototyping and licensing. Our chips cover key functions for RF, microwave and mm-wave markets including aerospace, defence, and communications.


We access world leading semiconductor wafer foundries, and our business model allows us to provide Clients with highly cost-effective MMICs which surpass the performance of incumbent offerings.

Our MMICs are available as Custom Designs and Standard Products.

Custom Designs

VIPER RF provides custom designed MMICs and module solutions for Clients.   An approach using custom designed MMICs can offer significant system performance improvements compared to a configuration of standard parts.

 With our extensive knowledge of microwave and millimetre-wave MMIC technologies, we work with our Clients to identify the optimum technical and commercial solution for each challenge. 

 For production, VIPER RF has capabilities to test wafers and packaged parts in our class 10 000 cleanroom, and links to off-shore packaging test houses to cater for high volumes.

The company has an excellent track record of delivering custom designs from 1-150GHz. 

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Standard MMIC Products

GaN Discretes

GaN Pallet Amplifier


Amplifier MMICs

Low Noise Amplifier MMICs


Attenuator MMICs

Phase Shifters MMICs

Switch MMICs